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Minnesota MN Boat Registration Numbers - 3"

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Minnesota MN Boat Registration Numbers - 3"

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License number are made at 3 "high letters spaced 2 "-3"inches make sure to apply your "MN decal" within 4 "of the license number.

Select a contrast color to your boat hull color.

Type your Boat Registration numbers to order. For example: MN 1234 AB or MN-1234-AB.

Maximum number of characters: 10

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Minnesota MN Boat Registration Numbers - MN Boat Letters and Numbers MN Boat Number vinyl decals.

LICENSE CERTIFICATE AND NUMBERING If you apply for a new boat registration or renew an existing one in person at a deputy registrar (where you license your car) or the DNR License Center, you will receive your boat license decal and registration card on the spot. If you apply through the mail, it will probably take several weeks before you receive your decal and card. Sign your license and keep it on board your watercraft. If you are operating a nonmotorized watercraft, you don’t have to carry the license with you. However, if an enforcement officer asks to see it, you must produce it within a reasonable time.

The license number issued to your boat appears on the license card and must be displayed as follows:

  • Numbers must be placed on each sidde of the forward half of the hull (see illustration on page 6).
  • Remove the expired decals first, before applying the new ones.
  • The license number must be displayed on your boat as it appears on your license card.
  • Letters and numbers must be at least 3 inches high.
  • Letters and numbers must be of a block character.
  • The MN should be separated from the numbers with either a 2- to 3-inch space or a hyphen.
  • Letters should be separated from numbers by a 2- to 3-inch space.
  • Must contrast with the background. Can be either painted or attached to the craft.
  • Should read from left to right and must always be legible.
  • The current license decal must be placed toward the stern within 4 inches of the license number.

The license number which appears on your watercraft license card must be displayed on your boat as shown below:

If your canoe, kayak, paddelboard, rowing shell, paddle boat, sailboard or sailboat does not have a motor, a license decal is all that is required. No 3-inch numbers are necessary. Place the decal on each side of the forward half of the nonmotorized craft (see illustration).

The owner of rented watercraft may keep the license certificate at the rental location. The rental business must be printed on both sides of the rear half of the watercraft in letters at least 3 inches high. No other number, letter, or design may appear within 24 inches of the license number or decal. On sailboards, paddelboards and nonmotorized sailboats, you may place the decals on the stern. Only do this if it is impossible, because of the boat’s design, to place them on the bow.

If your canoe or sailboat is motorized, affix the 3-inch letters and numbers as previously described for other motorized craft. The square decal should be placed to the stern or to the rear of the number (see illustration).

Source: Minnesota Boating Guide

PWCs also are required to display the registration number and validation decals.

Letters must be separated from the numbers by a space or a hyphen. For example: MN 3717 ZW or MN-3717-ZW.
No other number, letter, design, or insignia may appear within 24 inches of the registration number or the validation decals.

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