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2003-2006 Mercury Racing 250XS Optimax Custom decal set Gray 842782A02

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2003-2006 Mercury Racing 250XS Optimax Custom decal set Gray 842782A02

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Mercury Racing 250 hp 250X Optimax Custom decal set replica in Gray for 2003-2006 Outboard. Referenced Part number: 842782A02


Following Decal Set Includes:

  • Mercury racing M logo decal - Rear Side
  • 250XS decal - Rear Side
  • Optimax 250xs decal - Front Side
  • Mercury racing M logo decal - Front Side
  • Custom Built by Mercury Racing decal - Front Side
  • Mercury racing decal - Port Side
  • Mercury Racing fading stripe - Port Side
  • Optimax decal - Port Side
  • Mercury racing decal - Stbd Side
  • Mercury Racing fading stripe - Stbd Side
  • Optimax decal, - Stbd Side

HIGH PERFORMANCE 20" STD, RH SM 1.62 250 XS L SM - (250 XS H.P. (2005-2006 ))

Made from Model No: 192847BFH
889352006 - 250XS DFI (3.0L)

This Mercury DECAL SET is used on these models:

2003 1925355AH, 1925356AH, 1925371AH, 1925375AH, 1928471AH, 1928475AH, 1928483AH, 1928484AH, 1928493AH, 1928494AH, 19284B0AH, 19284B3AH, 19284B4AH, 19284C0AH, 19284C3AH, 19284C4AH - Top cowl

2004 1928470CH, 192847BCH, 192847DCH, 192847FCH, 192847G4H, 192847GCH, 19284B3CH, 19284B4CH, 19284C3CH, 19284C4CH, 1928470BH, 1928471BH, 1928475BH, 19284B3BH, 19284B4BH, 19284C3BH, 19284C4BH - Top cowl

2005 1928470DH, 192847BDH, 192847DDH, 192847FDH, 192847GDH, 19284B3DH, 19284B4DH, 19284C3DH, 19284C4DH - Top Cowl

2006 1928410FH, 192841BFH, 192841CFH, 192841DFH, 192841EFH, 1928470FH, 192847BFH, 192847DFH, 192847FFH, 192847GFH, 192848GFH, 19284B0FH, 19284B3FH, 19284B4FH, 19284C3FH, 19284C4FH - Top Cowl


May fit on the following Mercury Racing Outboard models:

OPTIMAX: 1925355AH, 1925356AH, 1925371AH, 1925375AH.
L NO G-C: 1928470BH, 1928470CH.
XL NO G-C: 19284B0AH.
XXL NO G-C: 19284C0AH.
L SM: 1928471AH, 1928471BH, 192847BCH, 192847DCH.
L TM: 1928475AH, 1928475BH, 192847FCH, 192847G4H, 192847GCH.
XL FM: 1928483AH, 19284B3AH, 19284B3BH, 19284B3CH.
CXL FM: 1928484AH, 19284B4AH, 19284B4BH, 19284B4CH.
XXL FM: 1928493AH, 19284C3AH, 19284C3BH, 19284C3CH.
CXXL FM: 1928494AH, 19284C4AH, 19284C4BH, 19284C4CH.

Additional Information

Additional Information

HP 250
Top Cowl Color Black
Top Cowl Cover 881288T32
Part # 842782A02
Color Gray
Year 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

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