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2001-2002 Mariner 50 hp FourStroke decal set 826338A01

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2001-2002 Mariner 50 hp FourStroke decal set 826338A01

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Mariner 50 4S decal ser for Mariner Outboards from 2001 and 2002.

Referenced Part Number: 826338A01


You get (7) decals:

  • Mariner decal wrap around
  • Fourstroke decal - Port Side
  • Fourstroke decal - Stbd Side
  • M decal - Front Side
  • 50 hp - Front Side
  • 50 hp - Rear Side
  • Mariner letters decal - Rear Side

Mariner 50 hp decal set will work for the following models with little variations:

2001 - 1F40452YB, 1F40452YD, 1F40452YN, 1F41452YB, 1F41452YD, 1F41452YN, 1F51352YD, 1F51411YB, 1F51411YD, 1F51411YE, 1F51411YN, 1F51412YB, 1F51412YD, 1F51412YE, 1F51412YN, 1F51452YB, 1F51452YD, 1F51452YE, 1F51452YN, 1F60411YB, 1F60411YD, 1F60411YE, 1F60412YB, 1F60412YD, 1F60412YE, 1F60412YN, 1F60452YB, 1F60452YD, 1F60452YE, 1F60452YN, 7F40452KD, 7F41452KB, 7F41452KD, 7F51352KD, 7F51352YD, 7F51411KB, 7F51411KD, 7F51411KE, 7F51412KB, 7F51412KD, 7F51412KE, 7F51452KB, 7F51452KD, 7F51452KE, 7F60411KB, 7F60411KD, 7F60411KE, 7F60411YB, 7F60412KB, 7F60412KD, 7F60412YB, 7F60452KB, 7F60452KD, 7F60452KE
2002 - 1F51411ZB, 1F51411ZD, 1F41452ZB, 1F41452ZD, 1F41452ZN, 1F51412ZB, 1F51412ZD, 1F51412ZN, 1F51452ZB, 1F51452ZD, 1F51452ZN, 1F60411ZB, 1F60411ZD, 1F60412ZB, 1F60412ZD, 1F60452ZB, 1F60452ZD, 1F60452ZN, 7F40452LB, 7F40452LD, 7F41452LB, 7F41452LD, 7F51411LB, 7F51411LD, 7F51412LB, 7F51412LD, 7F51452LB, 7F60411LB, 7F60411LD, 7F60412LB, 7F60412LD, 7F60452LB, 7F60452LD

Mariner 50 hp FourStroke will work on the following Top Cowls:

1 - 825239T4 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY Silver

Top Cowl Diagram: 34688

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU MA0102-50-4S-DS-826338A01
HP 50
Top Cowl Color Silver
Top Cowl Cover 825239T3, 825239T4, 875300T36
Part # 826338A01
Color Gray
Year 2001, 2002

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