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1999-2006 Mercury 60 hp BigFoot decal set 804704A00

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1999-2006 Mercury 60 hp BigFoot decal set 804704A00

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Mercury 60 hp BigFoot decal set replica in Red for 2005 2006 2-Stroke (Two Stroke) Outboards.

Referenced Part Numbers: 804704A00 DECAL SET (Black 60 Bigfoot) (2005)


You will receive the following Mercury outboard decals

  • 60 hp decal - Front Side
  • Mercury M logo decal - Front Sode
  • Red Stripes - Front Side Left
  • Red Stripes - Front Side Right
  • 60 hp decal - Rear Side
  • Mercury decal - Rear Side
  • Mercury decal on Red - Port Side
  • Bigfoot decal - Port Side
  • Mercury decal on Red - Stbd side
  • Bigfoot decal - Stbd Side

804704A00 DECAL SET (Black 60 Bigfoot) (2005)
1999-2006 MERCURY - ( 60 H.P. (2004 )) Model No: 1060452CD 
Catalog No: 803022 - 55/60 Jet 40/45 (3 Cylinder)


  • 813010T8 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY Black Electric 
  • 813010T14 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY Silver Electric 
  • 816534T8 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY Black Manual 
  • 816534T14 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY Silver Manual 
  • 8M0107142 COWL-TOP, BLACK

This same decal set may work on:

1999-2006 Mercury 2-Stroke motors 40 hp, 40 HP JET and 60 hp engines Electric , Manual and BigFoot BF, please send us an email if you need additional options.

This Mercury DECAL SET, 804704A00 DECAL SET (Black 60 Bigfoot) (2005) can be used on the following with little variations:

1999 MERCURY: 1055207VB, 1055207VD, 1055217VB, 1055217VD, 1055217VR, 1055227VB, 1055227VD, 1055227VR, 1060302VB, 1060302VD, 1060312VB, 1060312VD, 1060312VR, 1060352VB, 1060352VR, 1060372VD, 1060411VD, 1060411VN, 1060412VB, 1060412VD, 1060412VN, 1060452VB, 1060452VD, 1060452VN, 7055207HB, 7055207HD, 7055217HB, 7055217HD, 7055217HJ, 7055217HR, 7055227HB, 7055227HD, 7055227HR, 7060217HJ, 7060302HB, 7060302HD, 7060312HB, 7060312HD, 7060312HR, 7060352HB, 7060352HR, 7060372HD, 7060411HD, 7060412HB, 7060412HD, 7060452HB, 7060452HD.
2000 MERCURY: 10552070B, 1055207WB, 1055207WF, 10552170B, 10552170R, 1055217WB, 1055217WD, 1055217WR, 1055227WB, 1055227WF, 1055227WR, 10552L70B, 10552L70R, 10552L7WB, 10552L7WF, 10552L7WR, 1060217WD, 1060227WF, 10602L7WF, 10603020B, 1060302WB, 1060302WD, 10603120R, 1060312WD, 1060312WR, 10603520D, 10603520R, 1060352WD, 1060352WR, 1060372WD, 1060411WD, 1060411WN, 10604120B, 1060412WB, 1060412WD, 1060412WN, 10604520B, 1060452WB, 1060452WD, 1060452WN, 70552070B, 7055207JB, 7055207JD, 7055207JF, 70552170B, 70552170J, 70552170R, 7055217JB, 7055217JD, 7055217JJ, 7055217JR, 7055217JX, 7055227JB, 7055227JD, 7055227JF, 7055227JR, 70552570R, 70552L70B, 70552L70R, 70552L7JB, 70552L7JF, 70552L7JR, 70602170J, 7060217JD, 7060217JJ, 7060227JF, 70602L7JF, 70603020B, 7060302JB, 7060302JD, 70603120R, 7060312JD, 7060312JR, 70603520R, 7060352JR, 7060372JD, 7060411JD, 70604120B, 7060412JB, 7060412JD, 70604520B, 7060452JB, 7060452JD.
2001 MERCURY: 1055207YB, 1055207YF, 1055207YR, 1055207YX, 1055217YB, 1055217YD, 1055217YE, 1055217YR, 10552L7YB, 10552L7YF, 10552L7YR, 1060217YD, 10602L7YF, 1060302YB, 1060302YD, 1060312YD, 1060312YR, 1060352YD, 1060352YR, 1060372YD, 1060411YD, 1060412YB, 1060412YD, 1060412YE, 1060412YN, 1060452YB, 1060452YD, 1060452YE, 1060452YN, 7055207KB, 7055207KF, 7055217KB, 7055217KD, 7055217KJ, 7055217KR, 7055257KR, 70552L7KB, 70552L7KF, 70552L7KR, 7060217KD, 70602L7KF, 7060302KB, 7060302KD, 7060312KD, 7060312KR, 7060352KR, 7060372KD, 7060411KD, 7060412KB, 7060412KD, 7060452KB, 7060452KD.
2002 MERCURY: 1055207ZB, 1055207ZF, 1055207ZX, 1055217ZB, 1055217ZD, 1055217ZR, 10552L7ZB, 10552L7ZF, 10552L7ZR, 1060217ZD, 10602L7ZF, 1060302ZB, 1060302ZD, 1060312ZD, 1060312ZR, 1060352ZD, 1060352ZR, 1060372ZD, 1060411ZD, 1060412ZB, 1060412ZD, 1060412ZN, 1060452ZB, 1060452ZD, 1060452ZN, 7055217LD, 70552L7LF, 7060217LD, 70602L7LF, 7060302LB, 7060312LR, 7060352LR, 7060412LB, 7060412LD, 7060452LB, 7060452LD.
2003 MERCURY: 1055207AB, 1055207AF, 1055217AB, 1055217AD, 1055217AR, 10552L7AB, 10552L7AF, 1060217AD, 1060302AB, 1060302AD, 1060312AD, 1060352AD, 1060352AR, 1060372AD, 1060411AD, 1060412AB, 1060412AC, 1060412AD, 1060412AN, 1060452AB, 1060452AC, 1060452AD, 1060452AN, 7055207MB, 7055207MF, 7055217MB, 7055217MJ, 7055217MR, 7055257MR, 70552L7MB, 70552L7MF, 7060217MD, 70602L7MF, 7060302MB, 7060302MD, 7060352MR, 7060372MD, 7060412MB, 7060412MD, 7060452MB, 7060452MD.
2004 MERCURY: 1055207CB, 1055207CF, 1055207CF, 1055217CB, 1055217CD, 1055217CD, 1055217CG, 1055217CR, 10552L7CF, 10552L7CF, 1060217CD, 10602L7CF, 10603024B, 1060302CB, 10603524R, 1060352CD, 1060352CR, 1060372CD, 10604124B, 1060412CB, 1060412CC, 1060412CD, 1060412CN, 10604524B, 1060452CB, 1060452CC, 1060452CD, 1060452CN, 7030A01RL, 7055207RF, 7055217RB, 7055217RD, 7055217RR, 7055257RR, 70552L7RB, 70552L7RF, 7060217RD, 70602L7RF, 70603024B, 7060302RB, 70603524R, 7060352RR, 70604124B, 7060412RB, 7060412RD, 70604524B, 7060452RB, 7060452RD.
2005 MERCURY: 1055207DB, 1055207DF, 1055217DB, 1055217DD, 1055217DG, 1055217DR, 10552L7DF, 1060217DD, 10602L7DF, 1060302DB, 1060352DR, 1060372DD, 1060412DB, 1060412DC, 1060412DD, 1060412DN, 1060452DB, 1060452DC, 1060452DD, 1060452DN, 7055207TF, 7055217TB, 7055217TD, 7055217TR, 7055257TR, 70552L7TB, 70552L7TF, 7060217TD, 70602L7TF, 7060302TB, 7060352TR, 7060412TB, 7060412TD, 7060452TD, 7060452TD.
2006 MERCURY: 1055207FB, 1055207FF, 1055217FB, 1055217FD, 1055217FG, 1055217FR, 10552L7FF, 1060217FD, 10602L7FF, 1060302FB, 1060302FD, 1060352FR, 1060372FD, 1060412FB, 1060412FD, 1060452FB, 1060452FD, 7055207UF, 7055217UB, 7055217UD, 7055217UR, 7055257UR, 70552L7UB, 70552L7UF, 7060217UD, 70602L7UF, 7060302UB, 7060352UR, 7060412UB, 7060412UD, 7060452UB, 7060452UD.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU M9906-60BF-2S-804704A00-DS
HP 60
Top Cowl Color No
Top Cowl Cover 813010T8, 813010T14, 816534T8, 816534T14, 8M0107142
Part # 37-804704A00, 804704A00
Color Red
Year 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

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