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1999-2006 MERCURY 50 hp decal set 852079A00 Red (ELECTRIC)

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1999-2006 MERCURY 50 hp decal set 852079A00 Red (ELECTRIC)

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This replica was made from a 2001 mercury 50 hp cowling 50ELPTO.

MERCURY - ( 50 H.P. (2001 )) - (3 Cylinder) 2-Stroke with an ELECTRIC engine cover.

This decal set may match or can be used instead of 37-852079A00 DECAL SET (Black 50)(1997 and Above)


You get the following Mercury outboard decals on this set:

  • Mercury M logo decal - Front Side
  • 50 hp decal - Front Side
  • 50 hp decal - Rear Side
  • Mercury decal - Rear Side
  • Mercury decal - Stbd Side
  • Mercury decal - Port Side

Mercury 50 hp electric decal set 852079A00 for the following Engine Covers:

1 - 825239T13 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY (Black)(Electric)
1 - 825239T14 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY (Silver)(Electric)

2 - 825239T11 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY (Black)(Manual)
2 - 825239T12 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY (Silver)(Manual)

Mercury 50 hp Electric version may work on the following models:

1999 - 1043203VD, 1043203VE, 1043213VD, 1043213VE, 1043302VD, 1043312VB, 1043312VD, 1043312VN, 1043372VD, 1043411VD, 1043411VN, 1043412VB, 1043412VD, 1043412VN, 1050302VB, 1050302VD, 1050312VB, 1050312VD, 1050312VE, 1050411VD, 1050412VB, 1050412VD, 1050412VE, 1050412VN, 7043213HD, 7043302HD, 7043312HB, 7043312HD, 7043372HD, 7043411HD, 7043412HB, 7043412HD, 7050302HB, 7050302HD, 7050312HB, 7050312HD, 7050411HD, 7050412HB, 7050412HD
2000 - 1043203WD, 1043213WD, 1043302WD, 10433120B, 1043312WB, 1043312WD, 1043312WN, 1043372WD, 1043411WD, 1043411WN, 10434120B, 1043412WB, 1043412WD, 1043412WN, 10503020B, 1050302WB, 1050302WF, 10503120B, 1050312WB, 1050312WD, 1050411WD, 10504120B, 1050412WB, 1050412WD, 1050412WN, 7043203JD, 7043213JD, 7043302JD, 7043312JB, 7043312JD, 7043372JD, 7043411JD, 7043412JB, 7043412JD, 70503020B, 7050302JB, 7050302JD, 7050302JF, 70503120B, 7050312JB, 7050312JD, 7050411JD, 70504120B, 7050412JB, 7050412JD
2001 - 1043203YD, 1043213YD, 1043302YD, 1043312YB, 1043312YD, 1043372YD, 1043411YD, 1043412YB, 1043412YD, 1043412YN, 1050302YB, 1050302YF, 1050312YB, 1050312YD, 1050312YR, 1050312YX, 1050411YD, 1050412YB, 1050412YD, 1050412YN, 7043203KD, 7043213KD, 7043302KD, 7043312KB, 7043312KD, 7043372KD, 7043411KD, 7043412KB, 7043412KD, 7050302KB, 7050302KF, 7050312KB, 7050312KD, 7050411KD, 7050412KB, 7050412KD
2002 - 1043203ZD, 1043213ZD, 1043302ZD, 1043312ZB, 1043312ZD, 1043411ZD, 1043412ZB, 1043412ZD, 1043412ZN, 1050302ZB, 1050312ZB, 1050312ZD, 1050312ZX, 1050411ZD, 1050412ZB, 1050412ZD, 1050412ZN, 7043213LD, 7043302LD, 7043312LB, 7043411LD, 7043412LB, 7043412LD, 7050302LB, 7050312LB, 7050412LB, 7050412LD
2003 - 1043203AD, 1043213AD, 1043302AD, 1043312AB, 1043312AD, 1043411AD, 1043412AB,1043412AD, 1043412AN, 1050302AB, 1050312AB, 1050312AD, 1050411AD, 1050412AB, 1050412AD, 1050412AN, 7043213MD, 7043302MD, 7043312MB, 7043411MD, 7043412MB, 7043412MD, 7050302MB, 7050312MB, 7050412MB, 7050412MD
2004 - 1043203CD, 1043213CD, 1043302CD, 10433124B, 1043312CB, 1043411CD, 10434124B, 1043412CB, 1043412CD, 10503024B, 1050302CB, 10503124B, 1050312CB, 1050411CD, 10504124B, 1050412CB, 1050412CD, 1050412CN, 7043213RD, 7043302RD, 70434124B, 7043412RB, 7043412RD, 70503124B, 7050312RB, 70504124B, 7050412RB, 7050412RD
2005 - 1043203DD, 1043213DD, 1043302DD, 1043411DD, 1043412DB, 1043412DD, 1050302DB, 1050312DB, 1050411DD, 1050412DB, 1050412DD, 1050412DN, 7043213TD, 7043302TD, 7043412TB, 7043412TD, 7050312TB, 7050412TB, 7050412TD
2006 - 1050302FB, 1050302FD, 1050312FB, 1050411FD, 1050412FB, 1050412FD, 7050312UB, 7050412UB, 7050412UD

Mercury Outboard decals made on quality media, resistant to outdoor conditions and Marina conditions.

Engine Cover Diagram: 5262

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU M9906-50-DS-852079A00-E
HP 50
Top Cowl Color Black
Top Cowl Cover 825239T13, 825239T14
Part # 852079A00
Color Red
Year 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2010

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