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1997-1998 Mariner 125 hp OFFSHORE Decal set Blue

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1997-1998 Mariner 125 hp OFFSHORE Decal set Blue

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Mariner Outboard decal set replica made on Two Stroke 2S Blue for 125 hp Mariner Outboards from 1997-1998. May match with 850446A97 DECAL SET (MARINER 125 OFFSHORE) USA-S/N-0G438000 /BEL-9927000 & UP.



This Mariner decal set includes:

  • Mariner 125 hp wrap-around decal - Port, Rear, Stbd Side
  • Offshore decal - Stbd Side
  • Mariner logo decal - Front Side
  • Mariner decal - Front Side
  • 125 hp decal - Front Side
  • Offshore decal - Port Side

37-850446A97 DECAL SET (MARINER 125 OFFSHORE) USA-S/N-0G438000 /BEL-9927000 & UP.

1994-2004 Mariner 125 hp Outboard motors: 11254128D, 11254128N, 1125412CN.

ELPTO: 11254120B, 11254124B, 1125412AB, 1125412AD, 1125412AN, 1125412CB, 1125412CD, 1125412CE, 1125412PD, 1125412PT, 1125412RB, 1125412RD, 1125412RT, 1125412SD, 1125412SN.
ELPTO SW: 1125412AY.

This decal set May work also for:

Mariner 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994.

JET 80: 1115472AD, 1115472CD, 1115472PD, 1115472RD, 1115472SD, 1115472TD, 1115472UD, 1115472VD, 1115472WD, 1115472YD, 1115472ZD.

ELPTO: 1100412PD, 1100412RB, 1100412RD, 1100412SD, 1100412TD, 1100412UD, 1100412VB, 1100412VD, 1100412VE, 1100412WB, 1100412WD, 11004218D, 1100421TD EXLHPTO, 1100421UD EXLHPTO, 1100421VD EXLHPTO, 1100421WD EXLHPTO.

ELPTO: 11154120B, 11154124B, 1115412AB, 1115412AD, 1115412AN, 1115412CB, 1115412CD, 1115412CN, 1115412PD, 1115412PT, 1115412RB, 1115412RD, 1115412RT, 1115412SD, 1115412SN, 1115412ST, 1115412TD, 1115412TN, 1115412UD, 1115412UN, 1115412VB, 1115412VD, 1115412VE, 1115412VN, 1115412YB, 1115412YD, 1115412YN, 1115412ZB, 1115412ZD, 1115412ZN, 1115412WB, 1115412WD, 1115412WN.
ELPTO SW: 1115412CY, 1115412CC, 1115412AY, 1115412AC, 1115412ZY, 1115412YY.
ELPTO CSTL: 1115412WY ELPTO CSTL, 1115412VY.
EXLPTO: 1115422PD, 1115422RD, 1115422SD, 1115422TD, 1115422UD, 1115422VD.
EXLPTO SW: 1115422AY, 1115422CY, 1115422WD, 1115422YD, 1115422ZD, 1115422ZY.
ELPT 4: 1115F13YE.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU M9798-125-O-DS-B
HP 125
Top Cowl Color Silver
Top Cowl Cover No
Part # 37-850446A97
Color Blue
Year 1997, 1998

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