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1996-1998 Mariner 225 HP MAGNUM EFI 3.0 LITRE Decal set Blue

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1996-1998 Mariner 225 HP MAGNUM EFI 3.0 LITRE Decal set Blue

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Mariner Outboard decal set replica made from 225 HP Mariner Outboards from 1996, 1997, 1998 covers.



Following decal set includes:

  • Mariner 225 HP 3.0 LITRE wrap-around- decal - Port, Rear, &Stbd Side 
  • MAGNUM EFI decal - Starboard Side (37-830172-6)
  • Mariner logo decal - Front
  • Mariner decal - Front (37-830164-2)
  • 225 HP decal - Front
  • 83017221925690C Electronic Fuel Injection decal - Front (83017221925690C)
  • 37-830172-6 MAGNUM EFI decal - Port Side (37-830172-6)

1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 MARINER DECALS MAY WORK ON:

  • 1995 MARINER 3.0L MAGNUM EFI 225 HP
  • 1996 MARINER 3.0L MAGNUM EFI 225 HP
  • 1997 MARINER 3.0L MAGNUM EFI 225 HP
  • 1998 MARINER 3.0L MAGNUM EFI 225 HP
  • 1999 MARINER 3.0L MAGNUM EFI 225 HP
  • 2000 MARINER 3.0L MAGNUM EFI 225 HP
  • 2001 MARINER 3.0L MAGNUM EFI 225 HP

Model 225:
1225413RD L, 1225413SD L, 1225413ST L, 1225413TD L, 1225413TS L, 1225413UD L, 1225413VD L, 1225413VS L, 1225413VT L, 1225413WD EFI, 1225413WS L, 1225413WT L, 1225413YD L, 1225413YT L, 1225423RD XL, 1225423SD XL, 1225423TD XL, 1225423UD XL, 1225423VD XL, 1225423WD XL SW, 1225423YD XL SW, 1225423YE XL SW, 1225424RD CXL, 1225424SD CXL, 1225424TD CXL, 1225424UD CXL, 1225424VD CXL, 1225424WD CXL SW, 1225424YD CXL SW, 1225425WD CXL, 1225433RD XXL, 1225433SD XXL, 1225433TD XXL, 1225433UD XXL, 1225433VD XXL, 1225433WD XXL SW, 1225433YD XXL SW, 1225434RD CXL, 1225434SD CXXL, 1225434TD CXXL, 1225434UD CXXL EFI, 1225434VD CXXL, 1225434WD CXXL, 1225434YD CXXL, 7200413JD L, 7225413DD L EFI, 7225413ED L EFI, 7225413ET L EFI, 7225413FF EFI, 7225413FS L EFI, 7225413FT L EFI, 7225413GD EFI, 7225413HD EFI, 7225413HS EFI, 7225413HT EFI, 7225413JD L EFI, 7225413JT L, 7225413KD L EFI, 7225423ED XL EFI, 7225423FD XL EFI, 7225423FF XL EFI, 7225423GD XL EFI, 7225423JD XL EFI SW, 7225423KD XL EFI SW, 7225424ED CXL EFI, 7225424FD CXL EFI, 7225424FF CXL EFI, 7225424GD CXL EFI, 7225424JD CXL EFI SW, 7225424KD CXL EFI SW, 7225433ED XXL EFI, 7225433FD XXL EFI, 7225433FF XXL EFI, 7225433GD XXL EFI.

Decal set may match any of these part numbers:

  • 37-809709A96 DECAL SET (225 GRAY LONG) SN# 0G437999 & Below
  • 37-827438A96 DECAL SET (225 GRAY XL/XXL) SN# 0G437999 & Below
  • 37-809709A97 DECAL SET (225 GRAY LONG) SN# 0G438000 & Up
  • 37-827438A97 DECAL SET (225 GRAY XL/XXL) SN# 0G438000 & Up

All other hp and Blue set version available upon request. this set with little variations may work on 135 hp, 150 hp, 105 JET, 175 HP, 140 JET MAGNUM III and 200 hp covers.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU M9698-225ME-3.0L-DS-B
HP 225
Top Cowl Color Silver
Top Cowl Cover No
Part # 37-809709A96, 37-827438A96, 37-809709A97, 37-827438A97
Color Blue
Year 1996, 1997, 1998

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