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1994-1998 Mercury 225 hp 3.0 L OFFSHORE decal set 824396A93

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1994-1998 Mercury 225 hp 3.0 L OFFSHORE decal set 824396A93

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Mercury 225 hp decal set Black Max computerized ignition system replica for 1994-1998 Mercury 3.0L Offshore XL/XXLOutboard motors.

Reference part number: 824396A93 DECAL SET BLACK (XL/XXL [0G303045] & Below)


Following Decal Set Includes:

  • Conter rotation decal - Rear Side
  • Mercury God decal - Front Side
  • Mercury 225 BLACK MAX decal - Front Side
  • Mercury 3.0 L OFFSHORE decal - Port Side
  • Mercury 3.0 L OFFSHORE decal - Starboard Side
  • 225 Computerized Ignition System decal - Rear Side

Mercury 225 hp 824396A93 DECAL SET (BLACK XL/XXL) will work on the following models:

L Models: 1225412PD, 1225412RD, 1225412SD, 1225412TD, 1225412UD, 1225412UT, 1225417RD, 1225417SD, 1225417SF, 1225417TF, 1225417UF, 7225412CD, 7225412DD, 7225412ED, 7225412FD, 7225412FF, 7225412FT, 7225417DD, 7225417ED, 7225417EF, 7225417FF.
L CARB Models: 7225417GF, 7225412GD.
CXL Models: 72254254D, 7225425CD, 7225425DD, 7225425ED, 12254254D, 1225425PD, 1225425RD, 1225425SD, 1225425TD, 1225425UD, 1225428RD, 1225428SD, 1225428SF, 1225428TF, 1225428UD, 1225428UF.
XL Models: 12254224D, 1225422PD, 1225422RD, 1225422SD, 1225422TD, 1225422UD, 1225427RD, 1225427SD, 1225427SF, 1225427TF, 1225427UD, 1225427UF, 72254224D, 7225422CD, 7225422DD, 7225422ED, 7225422FD, 7225422FF.
XL CARB Models: 7225422GD.
XXL Models: 12254324D, 1225432PD, 1225432RD, 1225432SD, 1225432TD, 1225432UD, 1225437RD, 1225437SF, 1225437TF, 1225437UF.
CXXL Models: 12254354D, 1225435PD, 1225435RD, 1225435SD, 1225435TD, 1225435UD, 1225438SF, 1225438UF.

1994-1998 Mercury 225 Hp decal set will fit on the following Top Cowl:

1 - 814277T14 Superseded by 814277A14 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY (Black)


Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU M9498-225-3.0L-O-DS
HP 225
Top Cowl Color Black
Top Cowl Cover 814277A14, 814277T14, 814277A18, 814277T18, 814277A19, 814277A15, 814277T15, 814277A25, 814277T25
Part # 824396A93
Color Red
Year 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998

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