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1989 Mercury 45 hp Classic Fifty Decal Set Custom Racing

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1989 Mercury 45 hp Classic Fifty Decal Set Custom Racing

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Mercury 45 hp Classic Fifty Custom Racing Decal Set as seen on 1989 Outboards.

Referenced Part number:

13482A87 DECAL SET, Black Small Lettering
13482A89 DECAL SET, Black Large Lettering


Following Decal Set includes:

  • Classic Fift Jock Stripe - Starboard Side
  • Classic Fift Jock Stripe - Port Side
  • (2) Short Red Stripes
  • 45 power trim rectangle decal - Front Side
  • Mercury rectangle decal - Front Side
  • Black rectangle decal - Front Side
  • Mercury decal - Port Side - Front Side
  • Mercury decals - Starboard Side
  • (2) long stripes

1989 Mercury 45 hp decal set will work on the following:

1989 MERCURY 45 hp MH-ALT: 1045203BD MH-ALT, 1045203GD MH-ALT, 1045213BD MLH-ALT, 1045213GD MLH-ALT, 1045217 MH-ALT, 1045237 MLH-ALT, 7045213ND ML-ALT.
1989 MERCURY 45 hp ELHO: 1045311BC ELHO, 7045777 ELHO, 1045777 ELHO,7045311NC ELHO.
1989 MERCURY 45 hp ELO: 7045312NC ELO, 7045312ND ELO, 7045312PC ELO, 7045312PD ELO, 1045312BC ELO, 1045312BD ELO, 1045312GC ELO, 1045312GD ELO, 1045717 ELO, 7045717 ELO.
1989 MERCURY 45 hp ELHPTO: 7045411NC ELHPTO,m1045411BC ELHPTO, 1045411BD ELHPTO, 7045411ND ELHPTO.
1989 MERCURY 45 hp ELPTO: 7045412NC ELPTO, 7045412ND ELPTO, 7045412PC ELPTO, 7045412PD ELPTO, 1045412BC ELPTO, 1045412GC ELPTO, 1045412GD ELPTO, 7045D12PD ELPTO, 1045D12GD ELPTO,1045727 ELPTO, 7045727 ELPTO.
1989 MERCURY 45 hp EH: 1045757 EH.
1989 MERCURY 45 hp M: 7045217 M.

1989 Mercury 45 hp Classic Fifty decal set will also work on the following:

1 - 7938 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY Without Decal (Manual) (Black) 
1 - 7937A8 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY WithoutDecal (Electric) (Black) 
1 - 7938F4 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY Without Decal (Manual) (Gray) 
1 - 7937F4 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY Without Decal (Electric) (Gray)

21 - 3247A3 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY Wrap Around - Mercury Without Decal (Black)
21 - 8181A4 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY Wrap Around - Mariner Without Decal (Gray)


Additional Information

Additional Information

HP 45
Top Cowl Color Black
Top Cowl Cover 7938, 7937A8, 7938F4, 7937F4, 3247A3, 8181A4
Part # 13482A87, 13482A89
Color No
Year 1989

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