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1955 Johnson 25 hp decal set

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1955 Johnson 25 hp decal set

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Johnson Decal Set Replica for 1955 Johnson 25 Hp Outboard motor covers.

Referenced Model number: RD-17 and RDL-16.

Referenced Part numbers:
303820 - Johnson Port/Stbd
303822 - Seahorse 25 Front
303823 - 25 Seahorse Port/Stbd
304140 - Starting & Oiling Instructions
303824 - Forward Neutral Reverese


You will receive the following Johnson Outboard Decals:

  • "Sea Horse 25 Decal - Front Side
  • Starting / Oiling Instructions Decal
  • (2) Johnson Lettering Decals - Port and Stbd Side
  • (2) "25 Sea horse" decals - Port and Stbd Side
  • Starting Instructions decal
  • Forward-Neutral-Reverse decal


Shift to Neutral, Connect fuel line. Push primer on fuel tank until primer resists thumb pres- sure. Set twist grip at START position. TO START MOTOR. Pull choke to end of travel. To start in temperatures below 40°F,. Turn high speed lever to number 1. Pull starter handle. Push choke in. after motor starts. When motor is warm, correct slow speed adjustment when idling and Hi-speed adjustment at full power.

Mix ½ pint of MobilOil Out- board with each gallon of Regu- lar gasoline. We recommend MobilOil Outboard, or another Outboard oil, or an S.A.E. 30 Regular automotive engine oil. Avoid use of low proced third grade (ML) oils. Lubricate gear- case with Mobilelube GX-90 or any other good oil suitable for automotive hypold gears every 1 to 4 weeks. Read the Instruction book. SPARK PLUG—— Use Champion J-6-J or Auto-Lite A3X.
25 H.P. O.B.C. CERTIFIED AT 4000 R.P.M.

1955 Johnson 25 hp decal set may work on the following:

Model RD-17
Model RDL-17
Motor Cover: 376419
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU J55-25-DS
HP 25
Top Cowl Color Green
Top Cowl Cover 376419
Part # 303820, 303822, 303823, 304140, 303824
Color Gold
Year 1955

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