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1937-1941 Elto Pal .9 hp decal set

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1937-1941 Elto Pal .9 hp decal set

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Elto Pal Gas Tank vintage decal set replica for 1937-1941 (.9 hp and 1.1 hp and later) Single-cylinder Outboard Boat Motors. (NOT water transfer decals).


Following decal set includes:

  • Pal Instructions decal
  • Elto side decal - Port Side
  • Elto side decal - Starboard Side

Instruction Decal Reads:

1. Open gasoline shut-off valve at left hand side of tank all the way. Open air vent screw in filler cap. Coil starting rope clockwise around starting disc.
2. Move mixture lever to left in line with number 4 on dial.
3. Move speed control lever slightly to the right of center.
4. Press carburetor float pin down until gasoline flows through pin hole, Raise priming button on bottom of carburetor, pressing down on carburetor float pin at the same time, hold in the position 8 to 10 seconds, then release.
5. Pull starting rope forcibly, Repeat until motor starts.
6. After motor starts, move speed control lever slightly to the right, then move mixture lever slowly to the right until motor runs smoothly. To control speed move speed control lever to the right for FAST and to the left for SLOW.
7. To stop motor, move the speed control lever to the extreme left.


Use a good grade gasoline Ethyl or high test gasoline grades no added advantage.
LUBRICANT RECOMMENDED: Use high grade oil of S.A.E. 30 body such as Mobiloil “A” , or Mobiloil Marine Heavy Medium.
1. Mix the oil and gasoline throughly in a clean separate can before pouring into motor tank.
2. For the first four hours mix 1/2 pint of oil with each gallon of gasoline.
3. After four hours of operation, reduce the oil to 1/3 pint to each gallon of gasoline.
4. For trolling over a long period, the oil can be reduced to 1/4 pint to each gallon of gasoline.
5. The gear housing should be kept filled with Evinrude Gear Grease.
Milwaukee, Wis., U.S.A.
Printed in the United States of America

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU EP3741-.9-DS
HP .9
Top Cowl Color Silver
Top Cowl Cover No
Part # No
Color Gold
Year 1937, 1938, 1940, 1941

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