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1984-1987 yamaha 40 hp electric decal set 6H4-W0070-22-00

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1984-1987 yamaha 40 hp electric decal set 6H4-W0070-22-00

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Yamaha 40 hp decal set replica for 1984-1987 Yamaha electric Outboards motors: 6H4 40HE.

Can be used to replace original Graphic Set: 6H4-W0070-22-00



Following decal set includes:

  • Yamaha decal (flat decal version) - Front
  • Yamaha 40 hp decal (flat decal version) - Rear
  • Yamaha electric decal - Rear Side
  • Yamaha decal - Port Side
  • Yamaha decal - Starboard Side

Yamaha 1984:
40ELN, 40E, 40ELN, 40E, 40ESN, 40E, 40ESN, 40E, 40LN, 40E, 40LN, 40E, 40SN, 40E, 40SN, 40E, 50ETLN, 50ETSN, 

Yamaha 1985:
40ELK, 40E 40ET, 40ELK, 40E - ET, 40ESK, 40E 40ET, 40ESK, 40E - ET, 40ETLK, 40E 40ET, 40ETLK, 40E - ET, 40LK, 40E 40ET, 40LK, 40E - ET, 40SK, 40E 40ET, 40SK, 40E - ET, 50ETLK, 50ETSK.

Yamaha 1986:
40ELJ, 40E 40ET, 40ELJ, 40E ET, 40ESJ, 40E 40ET, 40ESJ, 40E ET, 40ETLJ, 40E 40ET, 40ETLJ, 40E ET, 40LJ, 40E 40ET, 40LJ, 40E ET, 40SJ, 40E 40ET, 40SJ, 40E ET, 40SJ-JD, 40E 40ET, 40SJ-JD, 40E ET, 50ELJ, 50ELJ-JD, 50ESJ, 50ETLJ.

Yamaha 1987: 
40ELH, 40ELH, 40E 40ET, 40ELH, 40E ET, 40ESH, 40ESH, 40E 40ET, 40ESH, 40E ET, 40ETLH, 40ETLH, 40E 40ET, 40ETLH, 40E ET, 40LH, 40LH, 40E 40ET, 40LH, 40E ET, 40SH, 40SH, 40E 40ET, 40SH, 40E ET, 40SH-JD, 40SH-JD, 40E 40ET, 40SH-JD, 40E ET, 50ELH, 50ESH, 50ESH-JD.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU Y8487-40-E-DS
HP 40
Top Cowl Color Blue
Top Cowl Cover 6H4-42610-H2-EK
Part # 6H4-W0070-22-00
Color No
Year 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987

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